We are looking for a co-founder in Belgium ????????

jun 30, 2021

Meet Ovide, a new PR agency (founded November 2019) that believes in headlines. Because money can’t buy real attention. This is something you have to earn in a world that is dominated by advertising. That’s why we tell stories that move people. Let’s call it a modern day agency, with a strong belief in old-school PR.

We (Marieke & Gijs) believe that there are more PR professionals like us. Entrepreneurial people with a clear vision on public relations who want to set up a shop for themselves. But also folks who want to have the feeling that there is always someone to support you and who you can rely on. 

Ovide has grown rapidly in the Netherlands with a talented and awesome team. We have welcomed leading brands such as Netflix, Just Eat Takeaway.com and Swapfiets. But also partnered with promising disruptors and challengers like Budbee, Fourthline and the Close App. Not to mention the creative PR work we did with Tele2, KFC and supermarket chain Dirk van den Broek. All of this even got us nominated as one of the new kids on the block of Dutch creative agencies.

That is why we feel this is the moment to look ahead for our next adventure; launching Ovide Belgium.

This is something we can’t and neither want to do on our own. That is why we are looking for a co-founder. A PR professional who has gained extensive experience at agencies or maybe even in-house. But more importantly, a fun and energetic person who feels this is his/her time to take the jump and set up their own agency.

So if you are interested in joining this adventure, then make sure to drop us a message via belgium@ovide.agency or give us a call. Hope to speak soon!