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A modern-day PR agency with a strong
believe in old-school PR.
For everything else we work with
the friends of Ovide.

PR & media relations

PR is in our DNA. We are a strategic PR partner for our clients and create stories that will bring the brand message to life (and, more importantly, will appeal to media).

The best result

We believe in the harmony of PR, Marketing and Social Media and therefore combine insights, creativity and content to achieve the best results. And do campaigns require an extra push to get the attention they deserve? Then we ask our network of friends to step in.

With adaptability

We are used to working with fast-growing brands. In fact, we love that. So we understand that plans sometimes change. Then we simply adjust our approach.



Ovide Agency is founded by Marieke and Gijs (the two on the right) after working at other nice PR agencies for a long time. But in 2019 it was time to set our own course. We choose to just do PR. Nothing more, nothing less. As far as we're concerned, that doesn't require an expensive Creative Director, in-house studio, influencer manager or content marketing hub. Sorry.

We have a strong believe in old-school PR, but from this time. That doesn't mean we're outdated, on the contrary. We know what's happening, chat and app with press on a daily basis and follow the key influencers and social media closely. But we simply excel in PR. For everything else, we work with friends of Ovide.

Ovide & Friends

We started with Ovide because we believe that businesses – from startups to emerging brands – need the very best specialists for their campaigns. That is why we work with a small core team and a large network. So if your briefing ask for that one expert, creative talent or a certain growth hacker, we just bring them in.

Marieke Verhaar Fennis

Gijs Moonen

Birgitte van Boven
Entertainment PR

Anne Koopsen
Junior PR consultant

Britt Colegem
Entertainment PR

Fauve van Zonneveld
Junior PR consultant

Tim de Groot
Freelance creative

Japie Stoppelenburg

Kitty van Muiswinkel
Senior PR Consultant

Juul Klaassen
Medior PR consultant

Entertainment PR consultant

Claire Heerkens
Lifestyle PR

Recent work

Change is the only constant factor in campaigns. That is why we are designed to combine, create and perform each and every time. Call it flexibility, adaptability or agile. In any case, the output is always different. And not without success.

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