Real PR Specialists.
For brands that dare to lead.

We think that companies that dare to lead,
need the very best specialists.


So at Ovide, we believe in specialism rather than being a one-stop shop. We excel in PR and for all other disciplines we have our friends who are often the best in their field.

That is why we offer the flexibility of a boutique agency while having the experience and quality of an international network agency.

↓ Our specialists ↓
Marieke Verhaar Fennis
Gijs Moonen
Dorien Cox
Kitty van Muiswinkel
Charlotte Borghgraef
Juul Klaassen
Nishana Kathiravetpillai
Romy Hazelaar

Samantha Lakker

Leonie Willems

Josje van Engelen

Jet Holtus

Simon De Coninck

Egon van der Lee

Birgitte van Boven

Shreya Mehta